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Developer boards:

AXIS 82+ Developer Board

Axis Developer Board LX



System platforms:

AXIS 83+Device Server

Axis Device Server Platform


Axis Developer Board LX

Axis has developed a prototyping board that includes the most commonly used interface ports on the ETRAX 100LX chip in order to give developers a jumpstart in their development work. 

This general purpose board is suitable for OEM:s as well. Other platforms (with for example IDE or SCSI ports) are available upon request.

The Developer Board LX is also available in an enclosed version, which is called Axis Device Server Platform. The Device Server Platform is identical to the Developer Board LX, with the exception of the additional black aluminum casing.

For more information and technical details please refer to:

If you are looking for software to the Developer Board LX please see the software documentation.


Note: This version of the developer board -- which was launched in January 2001 -- is fully backwards compatible with the previous Axis Developer Board which was based on the ETRAX 100 chip. In addition to this, the ETRAX 100LX processor (which is used in this version of the developer board) has an MMU which makes it possible to run a standard Linux kernel without patches for MMU-less processors.

Part numbers:

Axis Developer Board LX Power Supply Part Number
Europe 0109-002-04
UK 0109-003-04
US 0109-004-04
JP 0109-005-04
Australia 0109-006-04
South Korea 0109-007

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