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Developer boards:

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System platforms:

AXIS 83+Device Server

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Designed to meet demands for low cost, easy implementation and superior network performance, the ETRAX FS is Axis' seventh-generation optimized system-on-a-chip solution for putting peripherals directly on the network.

The ETRAX FS includes, within a single system-on-chip device, a 200 MIPS 32-bit RISC processor plus dual on-chip 10/100 megabit Ethernet controllers, a wide range of device interfaces including multiple high speed serial ports and an integrated USB 1.1 PHY. The device comes in a 256-pin PBGA package and uses 465 mW power (typical). The ETRAX FS was developed using 0.13 m ASIC technology, giving it one of the best price/performance ratios available today.

The ETRAX FS runs the standard Linux 2.6 kernel and Axis provides a tested distribution with associated software components, all available in the SDK on the Axis developer website.

High Performance, Low Power Consumption
With its improved instruction set, ETRAX FS has 2.7-3 times more CPU performance and 8 times more internal bandwidth than its predecessor ETRAX 100LX. The CRIS CPU core (CRIS v32) now has a 5 stage pipeline, separate instruction and data caches (16 kbyte each) with 256-bit wide data buses.
For extra demanding applications or drivers, ETRAX FS also has an on-chip RAM of 128 kbytes, 256 bit wide, with 20 ns cycle time. Several power-save modes are also available.
Designed for Networking
Dual 10/100 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet controllers make the ETRAX FS ideal for networking high performance devices.
Crypto Accelerator
Hardware accelerated wire-speed cryptography allows efficient implementation of cryptography protocols and applications. Supported crypto algorithms are AES, DES, 3DES. Supported hashing algorithms are SHA-1 and MD-5. Throughput 200 - 3000 Mbit/s depending on selected operations.
Built in Memory Controllers for Low Product Cost
The ETRAX FS has 4 GB of address space. It supports SDRAM, SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM, and NOR/NAND Flash PROM without external logic for fewer components and lower cost.
I/O Protocol Processor for Flexible Device Attachment
A patented micro-code programmable I/O protocol processor adds great flexibility to the product as it can be used to connect many types of devices to the system. Examples of protocols that can run in the I/O Processor are parallel and serial ports, PC-Card, CardBus, PCI, USB FS/HS host, USB FS device, SCSI and ATA. The I/O Processor has real-time performance and consists of three 200 MHz 32-bit processors with local memory and hardware accelerators.
Runs the Real Linux - Rapid Development
Thanks to the included MMU, ETRAX FS can run the real Linux 2.6 kernel. All the familiar Linux tools greatly reduces the up-front investment and learning time for developers. Free powerful debugging features available include:
  • Strace is used on an application to trace which system calls it makes and which signals it receives from the kernel. It is a standard system tool, available on Linux host systems.
  • GDB, both user mode and kernel mode
  • Stub-less debug via JTAG TAP (requires a Xilinx Parallel Cable IV)
  • Watchdog timer for self-diagnostics and increased reliability



Technical documentation
Read more about Axis' SDK and Linux 

Part numbers

NOTE: The integrated circuit ETRAX FS is classified as a dual use product according to Regulation (EC)  No. 1334/2000 and needs authorization for re-export outside the European Union, United States of America, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zeeland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary.


Part number Note
ETRAX FS 24745 RoHS compliant.
ETRAX FS Sample Pack 25476 RoHS compliant.
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