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The information on this page is nolonger maintained.
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Developer boards:

AXIS 82+ Developer Board

Axis Developer Board LX

System platforms:

AXIS 83+Device Server

Axis Device Server Platform


Developer product overview

ETRAX Processors and chip solutions

The ETRAX FS is the latest member of the successful ETRAX family. Designed to meet future needs, it provides highly configurable device I/O, line speed encryption, a 200 MHz RISC CPU and much more. The CPU performance is 2.7-3 times faster than the ETRAX 100LX, meaning a full Linux system will boot in less than 5 seconds.

The ETRAX 100LX was launched in November 2000 and has since then been used in several million networking products. It was specifically designed to run Linux with its own MMU. ETRAX 100LX has on-chip support for 100 MBit Ethernet, 4 serial ports, 2 USB ports, ATA, SCSI and general I/O.

ETRAX 100LX Multi Chip Module
ETRAX 100LX is also available as a Multi Chip Module. This module contains almost everything that you need to build a complete embedded Linux system; just add the connectors you need for your application and you're done. The MCM integrates 4MB Flash, 16 MB SDRAM and many more components. It's close to a complete Linux computer on a single chip.

Developer Boards for ETRAX 100LX and the MCM

AXIS 82+ Developer Board for the MCM
This board is the development platform for the ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16 chip. With the Standard Linux 2.4 SDK and this developer board, you have a combination that offers a rapid development of your embedded Linux application. Your current Linux tools for software development can of course be used in this environment.
Axis Developer Board LX
This board is the development platform for the ETRAX 100LX chip.

The board uses the same Standard Linux 2.4 SDK as the more feature-rich developer board for the MCM chip, but with slightly less I/O options.
This product has been discontinued.

System Platforms suitable for deployment

AXIS 83+ Device Server
This device server is using the same
board as the AXIS 82+ Developer Board, but it comes in a black aluminum casing (mounting brackets for wall mounting are included) suitable for deployment in office and industrial environments.

Axis Device Server Platform
This device server is identical to the Axis Developer Board LX, with the exception of the additional black aluminum casing.

Certified for use in industrial environments.
This product has been discontinued.

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