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Have you designed a product based on one of the ETRAX chips or have you developed innovative software for one of our Developer Boards or Device Servers? Would you like to see your technology presented on this page?
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Welcome to the ETRAX showroom!

The ETRAX 100LX and ETRAX FS system on a chip are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. This page introduces successful designs made by various companies from around the world. Another set of products utilizing ETRAX can be found in our own products, where millions of ETRAX chips have been shipped over the years.


Super Remote Monitoring System

The Super Remote Monitoring System by BND Communications is a unique data acquisition and control device. It was specifically designed for use with remote mountain top tower sites, but can be used anywhere remote monitoring and control is needed. A full featured Linux operating system combined with ultra low power consumption makes this board a valuable component of any remote site. Use SRMS to monitor battery levels, room temperature, signal strength (RSSI) on radios and more.

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3G Wireless Router

This series of industrial strength 3G wireless routers offers a complete IP router and firewall with a wide variety of LAN connections including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB and relay management, each of which can be routed over the CDMA2000/1XRTT wireless network.

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Access Control Unit

The Pro-Active MLIN is a standalone access control unit that can manage more than 100 000 users on 16 to 64 doors. It communicates with tag readers over a LonWorks network or directly through TCP/IP.

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Gaming Machine Access Point

PAGx is a control unit that implements all the characteristics required by "Capitolato Tecnico per la Concessione in Rete dei Monopoli di Stato", a government regulation that applies to all slot machines in Italy.

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The GSM Box is an SMS gateway based on the FOX board (see below).

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Network Camera

High resolution high frame rate network camera with a programmable FPGA. It supports IEEE 802.3af (PoE), has a CS mount and a megapixel CMOS sensor.

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Research Applications

Data Acquisition and Control Device

Multi-purpose control/monitor device developed for HADES (High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer); a pan-European research project. This device is based on the ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16 and runs the "Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, EPICS".

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Development Tools and System Integration Boards

FOX Micro Linux System

FOX is a “ready-to-run” Embedded Linux System, perfect to create mini WEB servers, network devices, TCP/IP gateways or as a CPU unit for embedded devices.

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Free2move Embedded Linux System

F2M05  is an embedded system that is specifically designed to be equipped with various I/O cards, such as Bluetooth, CAN, I2C and LCD displays. It also supports Power over LAN.

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Single board Linux computer

Rcotel Corporation in Korea has developed this very compact single board Linux computer for industrial control applications.

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Industrial control unit

DSP&FPGA Custom Design in the Czech Republic has developed this single board Linux computer for industrial use with extensive I/O capabilities together with a programmable FPGA.

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