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The information on this page is nolonger maintained.
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Developer Board 82/83

Developer Board LX


Linux 2.4

Tools (compiler, debugger)

OpenBT Bluetooth

For old products

Developer Board for Bluetooth

Developer Board
(ETRAX 100)

eLinux 2.0

Download section



Software Overview

This section gives an overview of the different parts of the SDK for the ETRAX 100LX chip family (Refer to Products for general information about the CPU and other product offerings) and the CRIS cross-compiler distribution.

The SDK and the cross-compiler distribution comprise the software needed to setup a local development environment to build custom firmware images. These are images that are bootable on a system with an ETRAX 100LX CPU.


Development environment The cross-compiler and -debugger supplied works in the same manor as compilers and debuggers used on most Linux systems.
Operating system The operating system of choice is either Linux 2.4 or Linux 2.6. Both include the CRIS port to execute the OS on the ETRAX 100LX CPU.
Common applications Various applications are included in the SDK. Refer to the applications section for a description of all the applications that we supply for the platform.

SDK hardware configuration

The SDK is configurable for many custom HW setups by the use of parameters in the configure files supplied with the SDK. Additionally there are preconfigured HW setups for the common products listed below. These are added to reduce the setup time and increase the ease of use.

SDK preconfigured hardware configurations

  • Developer Board 82+/83+
  • Developer Board 82/83
  • Developer Board LX
  • Developer Board LX IDE
  • FOX board by ACME systems
  • Custom hardware design with MCM2+8 and no additional memory
  • Custom hardware design with MCM2+8 and no additional memory

Looking for documentation? Refer to the Documentation section on how to install the latest SDK.

All free Axis source code and modified source code of other free software is available for download in the download section.

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