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Developer Board 82/83

Developer Board LX


Linux 2.4

Tools (compiler, debugger)

OpenBT Bluetooth

For old products

Developer Board for Bluetooth

Developer Board
(ETRAX 100)

eLinux 2.0

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The SDK includes a comprehensive list of applications. Below is a summary of these applications and what they do. Many of these applications are just standard applications that have been compiled for the ETRAX platform, but some are developer by Axis specifically for the ETRAX platform.

Description of applications included in the SDK

init Implements a mini init daemon.
telnetd Simple Telnet server - allows you to log on to the developer board.
in.telnetd Telnet server. This is the default telnet server.
sftpd Lightweight FTP server.
sftpclient Lightweight FTP client.
shells/ash Ash is a fairly small Bourne compatible shell which offers the power and flexibility of shell scripting for an embedded system.
boa High performance web server with support for CGI.
smtpclient This program is a minimal SMTP client that takes an email message body and passes it on to a SMTP server (default is the MTA on the local host).
bootblocktool Sets/gets bootblock parameters using a specified device.
hwtest/IO Input / Output test utility.
hwtest/serial Program to test serial port functionality.
hwtest/hwtest Program for setting or getting status from parallel port serial port, button, and some other useful devices.
sysklogd Sysklogd provides two system utilities which provide support for system logging and kernel message trapping. Support of both internet and Unix domain sockets enables this utility package to support both local and remote logging.
editors/easyedit An easy to use text editor.
editors/editcgi This is a simple CGI based editor and file browser.
login Login is used when signing onto a system. It can also be used to switch from one user to another at any time (most modern shells have support for this feature built into them, however).
dhcp Complete DHCP client.
busybox Busybox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable.
ipsetd Daemon for setting IP address with ARP+Ping in user-space.
iptables Implements a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall.
tools/gdbserver The gdbserver will help you debug user applications running on the Developer Board for Bluetooth
utils/eraseflash Flash erasing utility.
utils/readbits Utility for reading bits on ETRAX general purpose I/O (GPIO) ports.
ppp-2.4 PPP daemon, which negotiates with the peer to establish the link and sets up the PPP network interface.
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