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   Software   Bluetooth stack



Developer Board 82/83

Developer Board LX


Linux 2.4

Tools (compiler, debugger)

OpenBT Bluetooth

For old products

Developer Board for Bluetooth

Developer Board
(ETRAX 100)

eLinux 2.0

Download section



AXIS OpenBT Stack

Bluetooth software from Axis

Axis has developed a Bluetooth driver for Linux that can be used both in our ETRAX boards as well as on an ordinary Linux PC. The code is released under AXIS OpenBT Stack license and is available at Sourceforge.

We are using this software in our Bluetooth Access Point product which creates local hot spots of high-speed wireless connectivity. These areas provide a wireless communications link to local networks and the Internet for Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

Stack features

The stack is not certified as a separate component, but it is implemented according to the 1.1 specification and used in 1.1 certified products. 

The stack supports the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • LAN Access
  • Dialup
  • Serial

We are currently working on the PAN profile and support for PAN will be incorporated in the future.

Bluetooth development

It is our hope that this will be helpful for anyone else considering developing with embedded or mobile Linux using Bluetooth. If you are interested developing embedded bluetooth applications please join the developer mailing-list by sending an email to majordomo@axis.com containing this line in the body of the email:

subscribe bluetooth-dev

For old messages see http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/maillist.html

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