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The information on this page is nolonger maintained.
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   Software   Developer Board LX



Developer Board 82/83

Developer Board LX


Linux 2.4

Tools (compiler, debugger)

OpenBT Bluetooth

For old products

Developer Board for Bluetooth

Developer Board
(ETRAX 100)

eLinux 2.0

Download section



Axis Developer Board LX Software

The Developer Board LX runs Linux 2.4.

Software and documentation is available at this website:

Archive of the dev-etrax mailing list, with development discussions about the Developer Board, elinux, applications, tools and ETRAX: http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/threads.html

You can join the public dev-etrax list by sending an email to majordomo@axis.com with "subscribe dev-etrax" in the body of the mail. 

Applications included in the SDK

The SDK for this board includes all applications from the standard SDK.

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