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JFFS Home Page

Journaling Flash File System

JFFS is the Journaling Flash File System developed by Axis Communications in Sweden, aimed at providing a crash/powerdown-safe filesystem for disk-less embedded devices. It is released under the GPL, and the current version works for the Linux 2.0 kernel series and memory-mapped industry-standard flash-memories (aka NOR-flashes).

The code is available inside the eLinux tar-file in the download section. A stand-alone patch-file will be available soon, along with better documentation and a white paper about the design.

TODO stuff:

  • Port to Linux 2.2 and 2.3/4.
  • Support for NAND-flashes (block-mapped flashes).
  • Standardizing the interface between JFFS and the flash-driver (see http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org).
  • Evaluating the difference in GC tuning-parameters.
  • Bad-sector list, to use the last drop of the flash when it starts to get old or bad.
  • JFFS keeps the flash's directory structure in RAM all the time. Some mechanism to make this scale better as the flash complexity goes up would probably be useful.

We at Axis cannot give detailed support on how to use or install JFFS other than what is on this mailing-list, or in the documentation. However we will keep together the community's patches, bugfixes and improvements. We are planning on putting up an external CVS server or using sourceforge - but in the meantime, patches can be sent to the mailing-list or to the maintainer Björn Wesén <bjornw@axis.com>.

JFFS Developer Mailing List

To join the developer mailing-list, please send an email to majordomo@axis.com containing this line in the body of the email: subscribe jffs-dev

The jffs-dev mailing list is archived at: http://mhonarc.axis.se/jffs-dev/threads.html
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