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The information on this page is nolonger maintained.
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Developer Board 82/83

Developer Board LX


Linux 2.4

Tools (compiler, debugger)

OpenBT Bluetooth

For old products

Developer Board for Bluetooth

Developer Board
(ETRAX 100)

eLinux 2.0

Download section




GNU Compiler Collection

ETRAX 100LX based platforms are supported by the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC, as a port to the CRIS architecture, gcc-cris. The gcc-cris port uses source from the GCC CVS as of April 2000. The CRIS port is merged and part of the official GCC sources and will appear in the next major release, gcc-3.1.

Download gcc-cris in the download section

The assembler, linker and related tools are merged and part of the official GNU binutils sources. The next major release, binutils-2.12, will be the first to contain support for shared libraries for this port.

GNU Debugger

gdb-cris is Axis' port of the GNU Debugger. You can find it in the download section. 

With gdb-cris you can debug the Linux kernel, and using the gdbserver you can also debug user applications. gdb-cris supports debugging of shared libraries,  core dumps and threaded applications.

Documentation and in-depth information on how to use GDB is available in the documentation section.

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