Welcome to the Axis Developer WIKI (ADW). The idea with ADW is to create an adaptive and content rich area with information on everything that relates to development using the ETRAX chip family. The ADW should be looked upon as a complement to the information found on the Axis developer Web site.

All pages in the ADW can be read without logging in. It is not possible to edit or create pages in the ADW anymore. The ADW is available as a reference.


The ADW is divided into two main sections; the Axis area and the public area. Additionally there are also a few special pages. Pages in the Axis area are maintained by Axis and chiefly describe the basics of the development process. Pages in the public area are maintained by the ETRAX developer community.

Axis area

Pages found in the Axis area are mainly developer documentation for the Software Development Kit (SDK) and additional documentation not found on the Axis developer Web site. Pages in the Axis area can only be edited by axis employees. These pages can be distinguished by the axis: prefix that can be seen in the upper right corner on each page in the Axis area.

Feedback and comments on pages in the Axis area are welcomed, please post feedback on the feedback page.

Selection of Axis area pages:

Public area

Pages in the public area are the result of the achievements of the Axis developer community. Below is a selection of the most frequently used pages, for a list of all pages click on the “Index” button located in the lover right corner. To improve the ADW you are encouraged to contribute, for information read the contribute page.

Selection of pubic area pages:

Special pages

Additionally there are a few special pages.

  • Contribute - Page describing how to edit or create a page.
  • Copyrights - The copyright information for the content in the ADW.
  • Playground - Page that is writeable for all users.
  • Syntax - Explanation of the syntax used in this wiki.
  • Wishlist - Add your wishes here or perhaps you want to contribute but aren't sure where to start?
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