ETRAX FS HW Design Notes

Bus arbitration signals

  • The brin-signal shall be connected to GND and bg-signal shall have a pull up resistor. If not, the startup can be unreliable. For more information see section “4.3.12 Bus arbitration interface” in the ETRAF FS Designer's Reference.

Boot select signals

  • The boot select (bs) signals are actively driven as outputs a short while after reset and must not be hardwired high or low. Use pull up and/or pull down resistors to configure the wanted boot mode. For more information see sections “6 Boot Methods”, “8.4 Hardware interface” and “16.3.3 Boot select pins” in the ETRAF FS Designer's Reference.

Wait input signal

  • The WAIT-signal needs a pull up resistor. If it is left unconnected (floating) it can cause all sorts of strange intermittent problems. See the ETRAF FS Designer's Reference, section “ External wait input”, for details.

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