Pre-compiled firmware images

Pre-compiled firmware images can be found under the “support” tab for the developer boards and device servers listed in the Products > System-on-Chips & Device servers section on the Axis web site. This page is a reference to these pages as they are somewhat hard to find.

The pre-compiled firmware images are compiled with the default settings. If you can not find an image for your hardware or if you would like to use a custom configuration you have to compile the image yourself. Instructions on how to build a custom firmware image can be found in the Software distribution install HOWTO.

To flash your developer board with one of these images follow the Flash HOWTO guide.

NB Not all firmware images can be upgraded without rewriting the whole flash. Regarding the factory default images this is valid for the developer board LX and for developer board/device server 82/83. To write the whole flash use network boot method with the flashitall script or ftp flashing with the flash_all target. Observe that the latter is not functional for developer board LX prior to release 2.2.0 and developer board 82 prior to release 1.92. For more information consult the trouble reports page in the Axis Developer Wiki.

AXIS 88/89

AXIS 82+/83+

AXIS 82/83

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