Instructions for reporting bugs in gcc-cris

I'm sorry that you had to consult this page, if you were directed here by an internal-compiler-error message from gcc-cris. That message normally points to, but since this is not an official GCC release, you should report bugs to, not to the other GCC developers.

The information at, should help to collect all information necessary to solve the bug quickly, but often it is enough that you send me:

1. The preprocessed source and compiler version, which you get from running

gcc-cris -v -save-temps all-your-options source-file 

The option -save-temps will create a file with the preprocessed source with the name source-file.i (or source-file.ii for C++). The option -v will display compiler version information, to be cut-and-pasted in the bug-report.

2. Information about the host system, which you can usually get from running

uname -a 

3. All compiler options you used (the all-your-options above).

Thank you for your patience.


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