Migrating from ETRAX 100LX or ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16 to ETRAX FS


  • Q: Are there any special item to keep in mind when redesigning my schematic and my PCB?
    A: Yes, please take a look at the ETRAX FS HW design notes.

Chip specifications

Interface/feature ETRAX 100LX ETRAX FS
CPU clock 100 MHz 200 MHz
Cache memory 8 kByte 16 kByte
Internal RAM None 128 kByte
Crypto Accelerator None Built in
Ethernet 10/100 ports 1 2
Synchronous serial ports 2 2
Asynchronous serial ports 4 4
EIDE/ATA-2 controller Built in, supports 4 ports Built in, supports 4 ports
USB 1.1 2 ports 1) (LS/FS) 4 ports 2)3) (LS/FS)
Memory controllers SDRAM
parallel EEPROM
NOR flash PROM
SDRAM (100 MHz)
parallel EEPROM
NOR flash PROM
Bus width 16/32 bits 16/32 bits
8-bit timers 2 None
32-bit timers None 2
8-bit counters None 1
Watchdog 1 1
General Purpose Ports 16 read/write configurable I/O pins 80 read/write configurable I/O pins.4)
8 pins can be configured as inputs for interrupts.
On-Chip Debug None JTAG
Bootstrap methods NOR flash PROM, parallel port, serial port and network NOR/NAND flash PROM, serial port, and network
Parallel printer ports (IEEE 1284) 2 None
SCSI-2/3 2 8-bit or 1 16-bit interface None
MMC/SD None 1 port5)
I/O Processor None 1 master and 2 slave 32-bit processors running at 200 MHz


  • Q: I have written an application running on the ETRAX 100LX. Will it run on the ETRAX FS?
    A: Yes, most likely it will run unaltered on the ETRAX FS. You will have to recompile it before installing it on the ETRAX FS system.
  • Q: Will my ETRAX 100LX device driver run on the ETRAX FS?
    A: You will probably have to rewrite the hardware specific parts of your driver.

Software actions

Software type Needed action
Application written in high level language (e.g. C, C++, etc.) Recompile
Application written in assembler Review and modify the code with respect to differences in CPU instruction and registers sets. For details, see the ETRAX FS Designer's Reference, ETRAX 100LX Designer’s Reference and the ETRAX 100LX Programmer’s Manual.
Linux 2.6.x Device Driver Review and modify code with respect to differences in ETRAX interface register sets.
Linux 2.4.x Device Driver Review and modify code with respect to differences in ETRAX interface register sets.
Review and modify code with respect to Linux 2.4x → 2.6.x differences.
Please note Linux 2.4.x is not available for ETRAX FS.


  • Q: I have a firmware image built for the ETRAX 100LX. Can I run it on an ETRAX FS?
    A: No, you must recompile your image for the ETRAX FS based hardware.
  • Q: Do I use the same tools for loading a firmware image to both ETRAX 100LX and ETRAX FS?
    A: Loading a firmware image via FTP and HTTP works in the same way on ETRAX 100LX and ETRAX FS.
    A: The bootstrap methods in ETRAX 100LX and ETRAX FS requires different tools on your host: boot_linux is used for ETRAX 100LX and boot_etraxfs is used for ETRAX FS. Both tools are included in the AXIS software distribution. For details see the Flash HOWTO.
    Note, ETRAX FS does not support the parallel port bootstrap method.
1) External USB phys required
2) One USB phy built in, 3 external required
3) Implemented in the I/O processor
4) multiplexed with other I/O functions
5) Implemented using a synchronous serial port
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