Migrating from ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16 to ETRAX 100LX

It is fairly straightforward to make a design using ETRAX 100LX which is very similar to the ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16 and requiring very small software changes, at most SDRAM config registers. Even this change can be eliminated if necessary.

If it's acceptable to change the SDRAM configuration in your software you can look at the design example axis_100lx_example.pdf. It includes the relevant parts from an Axis print server design. You can also find some important CAD guidelines on page 7 (4).

If it's important to avoid software changes you must connect the external memories in the same way as in the MCM4+16. See the MCM4+16 Circuit Diagram for the wiring details. Please note the SDRAM address line wiring in the MCM4+16. You must connect the SDRAM address lines to the ETRAX 100LX in the exact same way as in the MCM4+16 to avoid software changes. You can find an example of the SDRAM adress line wiring in "ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16 Designer's Reference", section 4.1.2.

If performing a reset of the 100LX design, without cykling the power, is required you must add a MUX on the SDRAM clock signal. This MUX is included in the MCM 4+16, DIE7 in MCM4+16 Circuit Diagram, page 3. You can find more information in the ETRAX 100LX errata.

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