MMC/SD support on ETRAX FS

MMC over SPI

Kernel configuration

There are a few kernel configuration you need to change to enable the MMC over SPI support.

Start a kernel configuration tool, e.g. 'make -C packages/os/linux-2.6 menuconfig' and change these parameters:

Drivers for built-in interfaces  --->
  <*> MMC/SD card support  --->
    <*>   MMC block device driver
    [*]     Use bounce buffer for simple hosts
    -*-   MMC/SD over SPI
  <*> SPI using synchronous serial port 0 (sser0)
  (pd11) MMC/SD card detect pin for SPI on sser0
  (pd10) MMC/SD card write-protect pin for SPI on sser0

Note: If you are using the 2.6.26 kernel (included in the 2.20 software distribution) you must add a couple of parameters to the kernel command line. Add these parameters 'mmc_core.use_spi_crc=0 mmc_spi.spi_mode=3' to the 'Kernel command line' option.

The 'Kernel command line' is located under 'General setup —>' in the kernel menuconfig.

The MMC over SPI support, as described above, is enabled per default in the AXIS 88/89.

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