Contribute HOWTO

The information found in Axis Developer Wiki (ADW) is the result of contributions from many authors, both from Axis employees and other ETRAX users. You are encouraged to contribute with as much (useful) information as possible, please write, edit, review any documentation you find within this wiki.

Helping is as easy as using your browser. If you have ever filled in a web form, you have all the browser skills you need to get started. If you would like to test your editing skills try the ”playground” page, this page is writeable for all users. For information on how to shape pages consult the syntax page.

It is not possible to edit or create pages in the ADW anymore. The ADW is available as a reference.

Log in

To edit or create pages you will have to log in which requires an account. To get an account click on the login button (lover right corner) and then the register link beneath the login form. Fill out and submit the form and the account will be created.

Login by clicking the Login button in the lover right corner.

Editing pages

When logged in you will see an Edit this page button, in the upper left corner, on each page that you have permission to edit. Clicking this link brings you to the editing form for the page, where you can make and preview whatever changes you wish to make, then save them into the wiki. On pages that you can edit there are also small Edit buttons for all the sections on the page. By using these you can edit one section on a page while other people can edit other sections.

Starting a new page

The easiest way to start a new page is to create a link for it on a page and then use that link to go to the page. If you have the permission to create the page there will be a Create this page button in the upper left corner.

Creating a link to the page you want to add is as simple as writing the title for the page enclosed with double square brackets, like this:

[[Here is an example]]

When saved, that will be turned into a link, like this: Here is an example. If the page doesn't already exist, the link will be in red. If it does already exist, the link will be in green.

Another way of creating a page is to enter the URL to the page that you would like to create. For example if you would like to create a page named ”test page” enter the following URL in your browser:

When you want to add content to your new page, go to the page in one of the ways described above, click on the Create this page and start writing.

A few things to think about

When you contribute with guides or recipes please supply as much information as possible. Information valuable for other could be:

  • Version of the software distribution
  • Version of compiler
  • What type of hardware that was used
  • Information about third party software (if used in the guide/article) such as:
    • Name
    • Version
    • Webpage of the software project
    • License
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