Cross-compiling sqlite, modifying makefile

I've been unable to get ./configure to work properly for sqlite (and didn't have a lot of time to fiddle with the options or debug the issue), so instead modified the Makefile. The modifications are simple and involve changing references to gcc for the cross-compiler, etc.

Note that this may not suit your particular requirements as certain SQLite options have been disabled to reduce the library size.

here is another way to do it, using configure


# Makefile for SQLite

include $(AXIS_TOP_DIR)/tools/build/Rules.axis

DESTDIR = $(AXIS_TOP_DIR)/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu

# Makefile for SQLITE
# This makefile is suppose to be configured automatically using the
# autoconf.  But if that does not work for you, you can configure
# the makefile manually.  Just set the parameters below to values that
# work well for your system.
# If the configure script does not work out-of-the-box, you might
# be able to get it to work by giving it some hints.  See the comment
# at the beginning of for additional information.

# The toplevel directory of the source tree.  This is the directory
# that contains this "" and the "" script.
TOP = .

# C Compiler and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the platform that is doing the build.
BCC = gcc-cris -mlinux -isystem /include -g -O2

# C Compile and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the target platform.  (BCC and TCC are usually the
# same unless your are cross-compiling.)
TCC = gcc-cris -mlinux -isystem /include -g -O2 -DOS_UNIX=1 -DHAVE_USLEEP=1 -I. -I${TOP}/src

# Define -DNDEBUG to compile without debugging (i.e., for production usage)
# Omitting the define will cause extra debugging code to be inserted and
# includes extra comments when "EXPLAIN stmt" is used.

# Compiler options needed for programs that use the TCL library.
TCC += -I/usr/local/include

# The library that programs using TCL must link against.
LIBTCL = -L/home/tcl8.4.11/unix -ltcl8.4 -ldl  -lieee -lm

# Compiler options needed for programs that use the readline() library.
READLINE_FLAGS = -DHAVE_READLINE=0 -I/usr/include/readline

# The library that programs using readline() must link against.

# Should the database engine be compiled threadsafe

# The pthreads library if needed

# Flags controlling use of the in memory btree implementation
# TEMP_STORE is 0 to force temporary tables to be in a file, 1 to
# default to file, 2 to default to memory, and 3 to force temporary
# tables to always be in memory.

# Version numbers and release number for the SQLite being compiled.
RELEASE = 3.2.2

# Filename extensions

# The following variable is "1" if the configure script was able to locate
# the file.  It is an empty string otherwise.  When this
# variable is "1", the TCL extension library ( is built
# and installed.

# The suffix used on shared libraries.  Ex:  ".dll", ".so", ".dylib"

# The directory into which to store package information for

# Some standard variables and programs
prefix = /usr
exec_prefix = ${prefix}
#libdir = ${exec_prefix}/lib
#INSTALL = /usr/bin/install -c
LIBTOOL = ./libtool

# libtool compile/link/install
LTCOMPILE = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=compile $(TCC)
LTLINK = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=link $(TCC)
LTINSTALL = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(INSTALL)

# You should not have to change anything below this line

OPTS += -DSQLITE_OMIT_CURSOR          # Cursors do not work at this time

# Object files for the SQLite library.
LIBOBJ = alter.lo attach.lo auth.lo btree.lo build.lo callback.lo date.lo \
         delete.lo expr.lo func.lo hash.lo insert.lo \
         main.lo opcodes.lo os_unix.lo os_win.lo \
         pager.lo parse.lo pragma.lo prepare.lo printf.lo random.lo \
         select.lo table.lo tokenize.lo trigger.lo update.lo \
         util.lo vacuum.lo vdbe.lo vdbeapi.lo vdbeaux.lo vdbemem.lo \
         where.lo utf.lo legacy.lo

# All of the source code files.
SRC = \
  $(TOP)/src/alter.c \
  $(TOP)/src/attach.c \
  $(TOP)/src/auth.c \
  $(TOP)/src/btree.c \
  $(TOP)/src/btree.h \
  $(TOP)/src/build.c \
  $(TOP)/src/callback.c \
  $(TOP)/src/date.c \
  $(TOP)/src/delete.c \
  $(TOP)/src/expr.c \
  $(TOP)/src/func.c \
  $(TOP)/src/hash.c \
  $(TOP)/src/hash.h \
  $(TOP)/src/insert.c \
  $(TOP)/src/legacy.c \
  $(TOP)/src/main.c \
  $(TOP)/src/os_unix.c \
  $(TOP)/src/os_win.c \
  $(TOP)/src/pager.c \
  $(TOP)/src/pager.h \
  $(TOP)/src/parse.y \
  $(TOP)/src/pragma.c \
  $(TOP)/src/prepare.c \
  $(TOP)/src/printf.c \
  $(TOP)/src/random.c \
  $(TOP)/src/select.c \
  $(TOP)/src/shell.c \
  $(TOP)/src/ \
  $(TOP)/src/sqliteInt.h \
  $(TOP)/src/table.c \
  $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \
  $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c \
  $(TOP)/src/trigger.c \
  $(TOP)/src/utf.c \
  $(TOP)/src/update.c \
  $(TOP)/src/util.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbe.h \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbeInt.h \

# Source code to the test files.
  $(TOP)/src/btree.c \
  $(TOP)/src/date.c \
  $(TOP)/src/func.c \
  $(TOP)/src/os_unix.c \
  $(TOP)/src/os_win.c \
  $(TOP)/src/pager.c \
  $(TOP)/src/pragma.c \
  $(TOP)/src/printf.c \
  $(TOP)/src/test1.c \
  $(TOP)/src/test2.c \
  $(TOP)/src/test3.c \
  $(TOP)/src/test4.c \
  $(TOP)/src/test5.c \
  $(TOP)/src/utf.c \
  $(TOP)/src/util.c \
  $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c \

# Header files used by all library source files.
HDR = \
   sqlite3.h  \
   $(TOP)/src/btree.h \
   $(TOP)/src/hash.h \
   opcodes.h \
   $(TOP)/src/os.h \
   $(TOP)/src/os_common.h \
   $(TOP)/src/os_unix.h \
   $(TOP)/src/os_win.h \
   $(TOP)/src/sqliteInt.h  \
   $(TOP)/src/vdbe.h \

# Header files used by the VDBE submodule
   $(HDR) \

# This is the default Makefile target.  The objects listed here
# are what get build when you type just "make" with no arguments.
all:	sqlite3.h sqlite3$(TEXE) $(

Makefile: $(TOP)/

# Generate the file "last_change" which contains the date of change
# of the most recently modified source code file
last_change:	$(SRC)
	cat $(SRC) | grep '$$Id: ' | sort +4 | tail -1 \
          | awk '{print $$5,$$6}' >last_change	$(LIBOBJ)
		${ALLOWRELEASE} -rpath $(libdir) -version-info "8:6:8"	tclsqlite.lo
	$(LTLINK) -o tclsqlite.lo \
		$(LIBOBJ) -L/home/tcl8.4.11/unix -ltclstub8.4 $(LIBPTHREAD) \
                -rpath $(libdir)/sqlite \
		-version-info "8:6:8"

sqlite3$(TEXE):	$(TOP)/src/shell.c sqlite3.h
		-o sqlite3 $(TOP)/src/shell.c $(LIBREADLINE)

# This target creates a directory named "tsrc" and fills it with
# copies of all of the C source code and header files needed to
# build on the target system.  Some of the C source code and header
# files are automatically generated.  This target takes care of
# all that automatic generation.
target_source:	$(SRC) parse.c opcodes.c keywordhash.h $(VDBEHDR)
	rm -rf tsrc
	mkdir -p tsrc
	cp $(SRC) $(VDBEHDR) tsrc
	rm tsrc/ tsrc/parse.y
	cp parse.c opcodes.c keywordhash.h tsrc
	cp $(TOP)/sqlite3.def tsrc

# Rules to build the LEMON compiler generator
lemon$(BEXE):	$(TOP)/tool/lemon.c $(TOP)/tool/lempar.c
	gcc -o lemon $(TOP)/tool/lemon.c
	cp $(TOP)/tool/lempar.c .

# Rules to build individual files
alter.lo:	$(TOP)/src/alter.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/alter.c

attach.lo:	$(TOP)/src/attach.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/attach.c

auth.lo:	$(TOP)/src/auth.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/auth.c

btree.lo:	$(TOP)/src/btree.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/btree.c

build.lo:	$(TOP)/src/build.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/build.c

callback.lo:	$(TOP)/src/callback.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/callback.c

date.lo:	$(TOP)/src/date.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/date.c

delete.lo:	$(TOP)/src/delete.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/delete.c

expr.lo:	$(TOP)/src/expr.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/expr.c

func.lo:	$(TOP)/src/func.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/func.c

hash.lo:	$(TOP)/src/hash.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/hash.c

insert.lo:	$(TOP)/src/insert.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/insert.c

legacy.lo:	$(TOP)/src/legacy.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/legacy.c

main.lo:	$(TOP)/src/main.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/main.c

pager.lo:	$(TOP)/src/pager.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/pager.c

opcodes.lo:	opcodes.c
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c opcodes.c

opcodes.c:	opcodes.h $(TOP)/mkopcodec.awk
	sort -n -b +2 opcodes.h | awk -f $(TOP)/mkopcodec.awk >opcodes.c

opcodes.h:	parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(TOP)/mkopcodeh.awk
	cat parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c | awk -f $(TOP)/mkopcodeh.awk >opcodes.h

os_unix.lo:	$(TOP)/src/os_unix.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) $(THREADSAFE) -c $(TOP)/src/os_unix.c

os_win.lo:	$(TOP)/src/os_win.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) $(THREADSAFE) -c $(TOP)/src/os_win.c

parse.lo:	parse.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c parse.c

parse.h:	parse.c

parse.c:	$(TOP)/src/parse.y lemon$(BEXE)
	cp $(TOP)/src/parse.y .
	./lemon $(OPTS) parse.y

pragma.lo:	$(TOP)/src/pragma.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/pragma.c

prepare.lo:	$(TOP)/src/prepare.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/prepare.c

printf.lo:	$(TOP)/src/printf.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/printf.c

random.lo:	$(TOP)/src/random.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/random.c

select.lo:	$(TOP)/src/select.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/select.c

sqlite3.h:	$(TOP)/src/
	sed -e s/--VERS--/$(RELEASE)/ $(TOP)/src/ | \
	sed -e s/--VERSION-NUMBER--/$(VERSION_NUMBER)/ >sqlite3.h

table.lo:	$(TOP)/src/table.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/table.c

tclsqlite.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c

tokenize.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tokenize.c keywordhash.h $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c

keywordhash.h:	$(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
	gcc -o mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) $(OPTS) $(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
	./mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) >keywordhash.h

trigger.lo:	$(TOP)/src/trigger.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/trigger.c

update.lo:	$(TOP)/src/update.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/update.c

utf.lo:	$(TOP)/src/utf.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/utf.c

util.lo:	$(TOP)/src/util.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/util.c

vacuum.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vacuum.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c

vdbe.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(VDBEHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c

vdbeapi.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c $(VDBEHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c

vdbeaux.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c $(VDBEHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c

vdbemem.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c $(VDBEHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c

where.lo:	$(TOP)/src/where.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)/src/where.c

tclsqlite-shell.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DTCLSH=1 -o $@ -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c

tclsqlite-stubs.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DTCL_USE_STUBS=1 -o $@ -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c

tclsqlite3:	tclsqlite-shell.lo
	$(LTLINK) -o tclsqlite3 tclsqlite-shell.lo \ $(LIBTCL)

testfixture$(TEXE):	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(TESTSRC)
                $(THREADSAFE) $(TEMP_STORE)\
                -o testfixture $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \ $(LIBTCL)

crashtest$(TEXE):	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/os_test.c
		-o crashtest \
		$(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/os_test.c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \ $(LIBTCL) $(THREADLIB)

fulltest:	testfixture$(TEXE) sqlite3$(TEXE) crashtest$(TEXE)
	./testfixture $(TOP)/test/all.test

test:	testfixture$(TEXE) sqlite3$(TEXE)
	./testfixture $(TOP)/test/quick.test

sqlite3_analyzer$(TEXE):	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \
				$(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/tool/spaceanal.tcl
	sed \
	  -e '/^#/d' \
	  -e 's,\\,\\\\,g' \
	  -e 's,",\\",g' \
	  -e 's,^,",' \
	  -e 's,$$,\\n",' \
	  $(TOP)/tool/spaceanal.tcl >spaceanal_tcl.h
                $(THREADSAFE) $(TEMP_STORE)\
                -o sqlite3_analyzer$(EXE) $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \ $(LIBTCL)

# Rules used to build documentation
arch.html:	$(TOP)/www/arch.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/arch.tcl >arch.html

arch2.gif:	$(TOP)/www/arch2.gif
	cp $(TOP)/www/arch2.gif .

autoinc.html:	$(TOP)/www/autoinc.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/autoinc.tcl >autoinc.html

c_interface.html:	$(TOP)/www/c_interface.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/c_interface.tcl >c_interface.html

capi3.html:	$(TOP)/www/capi3.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/capi3.tcl >capi3.html

capi3ref.html:	$(TOP)/www/capi3ref.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/capi3ref.tcl >capi3ref.html

changes.html:	$(TOP)/www/changes.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/changes.tcl >changes.html

compile.html:	$(TOP)/www/compile.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/compile.tcl >compile.html

copyright.html:	$(TOP)/www/copyright.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/copyright.tcl >copyright.html

copyright-release.html:	$(TOP)/www/copyright-release.html
	cp $(TOP)/www/copyright-release.html .

copyright-release.pdf:	$(TOP)/www/copyright-release.pdf
	cp $(TOP)/www/copyright-release.pdf .

common.tcl:	$(TOP)/www/common.tcl
	cp $(TOP)/www/common.tcl .

conflict.html:	$(TOP)/www/conflict.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/conflict.tcl >conflict.html

datatypes.html:	$(TOP)/www/datatypes.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/datatypes.tcl >datatypes.html

datatype3.html:	$(TOP)/www/datatype3.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/datatype3.tcl >datatype3.html

docs.html:	$(TOP)/www/docs.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/docs.tcl >docs.html

download.html:	$(TOP)/www/download.tcl
	mkdir -p doc
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/download.tcl >download.html

faq.html:	$(TOP)/www/faq.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/faq.tcl >faq.html

fileformat.html:	$(TOP)/www/fileformat.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/fileformat.tcl >fileformat.html

formatchng.html:	$(TOP)/www/formatchng.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/formatchng.tcl >formatchng.html

index.html:	$(TOP)/www/index.tcl last_change
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/index.tcl >index.html

lang.html:	$(TOP)/www/lang.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/lang.tcl >lang.html

pragma.html:	$(TOP)/www/pragma.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/pragma.tcl >pragma.html

lockingv3.html:	$(TOP)/www/lockingv3.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/lockingv3.tcl >lockingv3.html

oldnews.html:	$(TOP)/www/oldnews.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/oldnews.tcl >oldnews.html

omitted.html:	$(TOP)/www/omitted.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/omitted.tcl >omitted.html

opcode.html:	$(TOP)/www/opcode.tcl $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/opcode.tcl $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c >opcode.html

mingw.html:	$(TOP)/www/mingw.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/mingw.tcl >mingw.html

nulls.html:	$(TOP)/www/nulls.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/nulls.tcl >nulls.html

quickstart.html:	$(TOP)/www/quickstart.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/quickstart.tcl >quickstart.html

speed.html:	$(TOP)/www/speed.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/speed.tcl >speed.html

sqlite.gif:	$(TOP)/art/SQLite.gif
	cp $(TOP)/art/SQLite.gif sqlite.gif

sqlite.html:	$(TOP)/www/sqlite.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/sqlite.tcl >sqlite.html

support.html:	$(TOP)/www/support.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/support.tcl >support.html

tclsqlite.html:	$(TOP)/www/tclsqlite.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/tclsqlite.tcl >tclsqlite.html

vdbe.html:	$(TOP)/www/vdbe.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/vdbe.tcl >vdbe.html

version3.html:	$(TOP)/www/version3.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/www/version3.tcl >version3.html

# Files to be published on the website.
DOC = \
  arch.html \
  autoinc.html \
  c_interface.html \
  capi3.html \
  capi3ref.html \
  changes.html \
  compile.html \
  copyright.html \
  copyright-release.html \
  copyright-release.pdf \
  conflict.html \
  datatypes.html \
  datatype3.html \
  docs.html \
  download.html \
  faq.html \
  fileformat.html \
  formatchng.html \
  index.html \
  lang.html \
  lockingv3.html \
  mingw.html \
  nulls.html \
  oldnews.html \
  omitted.html \
  opcode.html \
  pragma.html \
  quickstart.html \
  speed.html \
  sqlite.gif \
  sqlite.html \
  support.html \
  tclsqlite.html \
  vdbe.html \

doc:	common.tcl $(DOC)
	mkdir -p doc
	mv $(DOC) doc

install:	sqlite3 sqlite3.h ${HAVE_TCL:1=tcl_install}
	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
	$(LTINSTALL) -s $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/bin
	$(LTINSTALL)   sqlite3 $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/bin
	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/include
	$(INSTALL) -m 0644 sqlite3.h $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/include
	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/pkgconfig;
	$(INSTALL) -m 0644 sqlite3.pc $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/pkgconfig;
	@ echo "*** copied to $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)"
	@ echo "*** sqlite3 copied to $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/bin"
	@ echo "*** sqlite3.h copied to $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/include"
	@ echo "*** sqlite3.pc copied to $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/pkgconfig"

	tclsh $(TOP)/tclinstaller.tcl $(VERSION)

	rm -f *.lo *.la *.o sqlite3$(TEXE)
	rm -f sqlite3.h opcodes.*
	rm -rf .libs .deps
	rm -f lemon$(BEXE) lempar.c parse.* sqlite*.tar.gz
	rm -f mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) keywordhash.h
	rm -f $(PUBLISH)
	rm -f *.da *.bb *.bbg gmon.out
	rm -f testfixture$(TEXE) test.db
	rm -rf doc
	rm -f common.tcl
	rm -f sqlite3.dll sqlite3.lib

# Windows section; all this funky .dll stuff ;-)
dll: sqlite3.dll

REAL_LIBOBJ = $(LIBOBJ:%.lo=.libs/%.o)

sqlite3.dll: $(LIBOBJ) $(TOP)/sqlite3.def
	dllwrap --dllname sqlite3.dll --def $(TOP)/sqlite3.def $(REAL_LIBOBJ)
	strip sqlite3.dll

#target for dll import libraries
implib: sqlite3.lib

#make Borland C++ and/or Microsoft VC import library for the dll
#   ignore any errors (usually due to missing programs)
sqlite3.lib: sqlite3.dll
	-implib -a sqlite3.lib sqlite3.dll
	-lib /machine:i386 /def:$(TOP)/sqlite3.def

distclean:	clean
	rm -f config.log config.status libtool Makefile config.h
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