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Is it possible to record from an Axis camera direct to a hard drive on ethernet on the LAN?


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Add wishes regarding documentation here. It could for example be missing guides or articles.

  • Changes to kernel Makefile A HOWTO for integrating a new 2.6 from kernel.org would be nice.
    • Answer: The FAQ is updated with answer to this.


Add wishes regarding software here. It could for example be requests for applications and libraries to be included in the software distribution. NOTE This is not the place for guides or documents on how to deal with some software, such requests should be in the Documentation list above.

  • SNMP support would be awesome addition. If someone knows howto compile net-snmp please add the info in tips section — Toni Röyhy 2007/03/29 07:53
    • Follow-up: I am currently working to compile net-snmp 5.4 for the CRISv32 architecture, but am running into some problems (as you might expect). A transcript of my work thus far can be found on the Help Me Cross Compile! page. — Chris Verges 2007/04/24 17:17
  • I would like java support on the target.
  • For me (and I think some interesting others) python (http://www.python.org/) would be very cool to have. Especially if you want the fox board to be the brain of an autonomous robot and you would like to use pyro. I think the fox board could be an excellent platform for this, having the USB slots one for extra disk space and one for webcam…
  • GPSD (http://gpsd.berlios.de/) is a daemon that connects to a serial port (/dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyUSB0, or a bluetooth serial connection), looks for a GPS device, parses its output, and allows several clients to read the GPS information. It would be very useful for several ongoing projects already using these GPS devices. Weighting aroung .5 MB, it would fit into the 4MB firmware.
  • NTPclient!!! Synchronizing and time keeping is a big issue for most people that uses the axis plataform, so that's a reasonable reason for it to be an option when building your own firmware.
    • Asnwer there is info how to compile NTP-client for axis in tips section
  • strace (tracing system calls is for me most powerful troubleshooting method.) I have tried to compile from original source, but it does not support cris. You have mentioned on ETRAX FS page that strace is supported but I do not see it anywhere in SDK.
    • Answer: strace is included in software distribution, version 2.10 Karl-Johan Perntz 2007/01/15 12:50
  • softPLC For some applications (temperatures, 1-5 second cycle), this HW can be able to serve it. matPLC, SofCoS


Add wishes regarding hardware here.

NOTE This is not the place for guides or documents on how to deal with some hardware, such requests should be in the Documentation list above.

  • I would like to see low voltage system bus on the future ETRAX processors. These processors work nicely in small and tiny systems where it is good to have as few chips as possible. So best system memory is a single 32-bit wide device. Unfortunately it is very difficult now to find a 3.3V x32 memory. 3.3V is still used only in big (like PC) systems as a part of a memory module where it is more efficient to use x4 or x8 data bus (less pins for the same density). Wide memories are used in other systems were it is the only memory chip - and most of these systems are mobile, and as such - low voltage. You may see “Obsolete” and “End of Life” for all high-density 3.3V x32 devices: Micron SDRAM and Micron Mobile SDRAMAndrey Filippov 2007/01/30 06:52
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