Compiler install HOWTO

This is a short description to guide you when should install the compilation tools necessary to compile ISO C and C++ programsfor the CRIS architecture (ETRAX chips).

Readers advice

This document is written with version 1.64 of the cris-dist compiler distribution in mind. However, most of the concepts discussed should apply for earlier versions as well.

Text within angle brackets ”<>” should be read as a placeholder for something else, for example, linux-<kernel version> could be linux-2.6.19.

Install methods

The compiler distribution, called cris-dist, can be installed in two different ways. It can either be installed as a pre-compiled binary package or compiled from freely available source code.

Install using a pre-compiled binary package

For most compiler releases Axis provide .deb and .rmp install packages to be used with Debian and RedHat. These packages include the complete cris-dist and is the recommended method if your Linux distribution supports the pre-compiled binary package format.

The cris-dist compiler distribution can be obtained from

Install by compiling the source code

If binary install packages are not available for the Linux distribution that you use or if you have some other reason you will have to build the compiler yourself. This should not be hard though.

This is a very simplified guide, for a more throughout description on the install process read the README document found in the cris-dist-<version>.tar.gz source package.

To be able to build the compiler you need the files listed below where the <X.YY> is the version number.

  • cris-dist-<X.YY>.tar.gz
  • cris-dist-glibc-<X.YY>.tar.gz
  • cris-dist-linux-headers-<X.YY>.tar.gz
  • cris-dist-linux-headersv32-<X.YY>.tar.gz

These files can be obtained from For more information about the files in the archive have a look here

To build the compiler extract the cris-dist-<X.YY>.tar.gz package in a suitable temporary directory.

tar xzf cris-dist-<X.YY>.tar.gz

Enter the created directory and extract the other files:

cd cris-dist-<X.YY>
tar xzf cris-dist-glibc-<X.YY>.tar.gz
tar xzf cris-dist-linux-headers-<X.YY>.tar.gz
tar xzf cris-dist-linux-headersv32-<X.YY>.tar.gz

To build and install the compiler run the install-cris-tools script and follow the directions.


NOTE The compiler will per default be installed in the /usr/local/cris directory which will require root access.

Historical note

Version 1.63 of cris-dist was the first public released that supported the CRISv32 architecture. Moreover the 1.63 release was divided into two different packages, one for CIRSv10 and one for CRISv32. If you for some reason would like to use/build this compiler make sure that you use the right packages. Moreover, if you get an error when compiling the 1.63 release read more at the cris-dist-1_63-v32 page.

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