Download and Installation

If you are using Etrax FS you must use a gdb-cris that supports cris v32, i.e. GDB 6.3.50 (available for download) or newer.

The gdb-cris 6.3.50 is thoroughly tested and is working well with Etrax systems.

The gdb-cris 6.6 is thoroughly tested and is working well with Etrax systems. .deb and .rpm packages is available for download. Source is available for download from See the Installing from source section below for build instructions.

Installing from Binary Packages

Debian and RedHat binary packages are available for download. The binary packages install gdb-cris under /usr/local/gdb-cris so as not to conflict with your host debugger.

To install on a Debian system:

  dpkg --install <filename>.deb

To install on a RedHat system:

  rpm --install <filename>.rpm

After installing, add /usr/local/gdb-cris to your PATH variable.

Installing from Source

Source tar ball is available for download.

First, you need to unpack the source tar ball someplace safe, like this:

  tar zxvf <filename>.tar.gz

Now, make a separate build directory at the same level as the source directory:

  mkdir gdb-cris-linux

Now your directory structure should look like this:

  <source dir>/


  cd gdb-cris-linux
  ../<source dir>/configure --target=cris && make

The path to the resulting gdb executable is gdb-cris-linux/gdb/gdb. The benefit of building gdb in a separate directory is that you can build several debuggers from the same source code (a cross-debugger and a native debugger, for example). Note that you probably don't want to 'make install' when building gdb-cris since this will replace whatever gdb (probably native) you already have installed on your system. Instead, add a link to the gdb executable so that gdb-cris is reachable via your PATH variable.

Install gdbserver

To be able to debug code running on the target system you must install the gbdserver application on the target system.

From the build system root start the build system configuration utility:

~/pmt_dev/R2_10/devboard-R2_10 make menuconfig

Under Debug Configuration —> you will find Enable GDB server support. Enable the GDB server support and exit the configuration utility while saving the configuration.

The run

~/pmt_dev/R2_10/devboard-R2_10 ./configure && make

to include gdbserver in the build system and build a new firmware image where gdbserver is included.

Install the new firmware image on your target system (see the Flash HOWTO) and you're all set for debugging applications using gdbserver.

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