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Hello, World!

· 2 min read
Mattias Kindborg
Developer Offering

As a member of the Developer Offering team at Axis, my job is all about understanding our customers. What are they up to? What problems are they tackling? Generally, we see two types of developers - those familiar with Axis, and those who aren't.

Feedback indicates that those familiar with Axis can find the information they need. Maybe they have access to support channels, or they've discovered resources like the VAPIX Library. But for those who don't know about Axis, their search starts with Google, Bing, or a similar search engine. Historically, Axis offered a vast ocean of information with tiny islands scattered about.

islands of information speckled across the vast ocean

We always hoped developers would stumble upon the right island of information. However, without bridges linking these islands, there was no guided journey. These islands represent what Axis offers and the integration points at your disposal, but they're not easily discoverable.

Recognizing the lack of a comprehensive developer journey, we began analyzing what we had and what we were missing. Our analysis highlighted our product pages and the Developer Community. These resources have been available for years and are indeed excellent. The product pages target potential customers, while the Developer Community guides some of these customers on their developer journey. However, both primarily focus on Axis's value and unique selling points, not always addressing the practical questions about building something with Axis products.

We also realized that we were falling short in answering the "how". As a developer, you need API documentation, but you also want access to getting started and how-to guides. A good developer journey answers the right questions at the right time.

With these findings we decided to create the Axis Developer Documentation, a consolidated resource for all aspects of building solutions with Axis products.

answering the how

The Axis Developer Documentation will compliment the journey through the discover/build/learn process.

the developer journey

It has been designed to fit neatly between the Developer Community and GitHub. While we all love GitHub and find it splendid for hosting code, it's not the best for storytelling, especially when the story spans multiple repositories.

With the launch of the Axis Developer Documentation, we're excited to build amazing things together! 🚀